Welcome to the VANET research page of the DISI

This page, still under development, has been created in order to publish news, results and tools regarding the research activity on Vehicular Networks.

Collaboration with CCS Group in Innsbruck

April, 17th, 2012

Michele Segata started a joint PhD between the Universities of Trento and Innsbruck. The PhD is funded by the BIT (Bolzano-Innsbruck-Trento) project, and will focus on vehicular networks. Michele will work with both DISI and CCS research groups.

Car Platooning

February, 23rd, 2012

We are currently investigating Autonomous Cruise Control, radar and GPS systems for a work on VANET-based platoons management. Soon, we will publish a technical report on what we have discovered.

802.11p PHY layer improvement for ns-3

February, 7th, 2012

The work on improvement of the PHY layer modeling for 802.11p based transmissions for ns-3 is going on. The idea of the work is described in the paper presented at WONS 2012. Some preliminary results are shown in the slides. However, we still don't release the source code, since it is under development and testing. A preliminar version will be released soon.

NS-3 based vehicular simulator

May, 10th, 2011

Up to now, the website contains a modification to the original mobility simulator developed by Hadi Arbabi and Michele Weigle (link) based on ns-3.

The original simulator has been modified by:

  • introducing real physical limits to naturally reproduce real crashes;
  • implementing a CACC;
  • implementing the driver reaction when a warning is received;
  • implementing different network protocols.

The simulator is under continuous improvement and development, so if somethings looks wrong or unclear to you, just write us at the address provided in the contacts section.